Oct 18, 2012

Wretches and kings

Hear us now ,clear and true. Wretches and kings we come for you. Skin and bone, black and blue. No more this sun shall beat onto you. - Linkin Park "AThousand Suns"

Here is the first Panel of Wretches and Kings. It's a 16 page short that came to me very suddenly while I was brushing my teeth, after a long night of shit drawings and low production. The entire scenario came to me during this time and I laid in bed and opened "Notes" on my IPhone and typed it all out in Darkness with tired dry watering eyes. I had a week off work coming up very quick and Penciled all 16 pages in 6 days, it was an awesome week. Jaclyn had some extra days off as well so it made it even better. Im loving this process, and very excited that this project is this far along already. 

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Christopher Johnston said...

Cool man, can't wait to see more.