Oct 28, 2012

We Found Him!

I like Sabretooth more than Wolverine, they are relatively the same. Victor (first name) is more of an animal, larger and physically stronger. Comic icons like Supes and Cap have head there dead and rebirth. I think Wolverine should get shredded my Sabretooth. Two beasts with healing factors, similar combat training Adamantium bones & claws. That would be a long fight.
Sketched this friday night, painted during the day yesterday. I pictured a group or person coming across Sabretooth in the woods, and shining a bright light on him. Pencil Sketch to be finished in Photoshop.
Fan Boys, I know I know his senses would never had allowed anyone to sneak up on him. Just enjoy the picture ;)

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Anonymous said...

Badass work! I'm with you about Sabretooth being better. I go to the local conventions around Dallas as a hobby and like to get commissions from various big name artists of Sabretooth.