Jul 26, 2012


This started as just a fan art sketch of my Skyrim character put in the place of the original Poster art for the game. Its the Skyrim's version of a Bear Shaman class from age of Conan. I quite pleased with the result considering I drew it one evening and painted it in Photoshop in 4 hours the next night. I've never considered myself to be a fast regarding any personal work, nor is that aspect important to me, but was fun to have a fast result. My brain said fuck you to the part that over thinks everything. Plus I got to geek out a bit over the amalgamation of 2 of my favourite games/archetypes. 

Dark Templar - Endlless - PVP10
Bear Shaman - Ire (Rohr) - PVP6
Cimmeria & Wiccana

Edit* Color version brightened up a bit.

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