Apr 8, 2012

Tower of the Five


FS said...

Very impressive!

Jade-ann said...

Hey Daniel. This is quite stunning. Im At School right now looking at your artwork and you really inspired me, so I have no more artists block, haha.

Anyways I was the girl you met at Tim Hortons this morning. I forgot to give you my name, and e-mail.

I felt quite bad after, but Like I said just absolutely Stunning work ^_^

Daniel Andrews said...

Thanks Fiona.

Right on Jade, Ya Art blocks suck, but eventually you learn to work though them. Thats why I keep so my links to Local artists and many other on this page. I can always just pick one and be inspired.

Jade-ann said...

Hey Daniel :) . Hey thanks for stopping by and saying hi today at Tim hortons. I felt kinda sad the other days because I thought you forgot about me :P. I'm being silly.

Anyways I Wanted to ask you a favor, I'm doing this assignment for school, and it was saying I should interview someone who is in the career choice I made for myself after I graduate highschool.(Which is next year)and I really want to go into the field of being an illustrator myself, and some sort of artist in the mixed media's. If it's not too much trouble, may I ask you a few questions? There's only 8 in total.

Oh and I meant to ask you if you had Facebook, because it'd be cool if we kept in touch and all. :D

Add me if you do I go by my Japanese name. - Yoshika-Ann Kumiko

Anyways Thanks again :) Hope to talk to you soon - Takecare.

Jade-ann said...

Hey Daniel.. I'm sorry for the late reply , said i'd message you that morning when we spoke, but there was a lot of issues going on with my family. But anyways here were the questions I came up with. :) if you could go in depth with these questions it'd help with my assignment for school. I hope they aren't to hard.

1.What does Art mean to you?

2.How did you get into the Artistic side of things?

3.Did Art change your perspective towards everything in general?

4.Did you go to an Art college? If so, what was it like, and did you personally enjoy it?

5. When you first started out as an artist what mediums did you start out with?

6. What inspires you the most?

7. Being an Illustrator what are the upsides and downsides of this profession in your opinion?

8. How much time do you dedicate to your passion in art?

:) Thanks for the help