Feb 18, 2012

Drawing Wolverine Never gets old.

-The Wolvie Sketch I did at work about a week ago. Its just all I had was black sharpies and a white out pen. The Trees in the BG were the most fun at the very end. I just scribbled with the white out pen to imply some berch trees. I took a photo with my IPhone and tossed it into photoshop for a little extra.
-2nd Image was an image mainly to play with different mediums. Its 110lbs paper primed with acrylic gesso. I toned it with water colors and started drawing with a brush and ink right away, hence all the perspective and anatomy flaws. Whatever though I was having fun. Once inked I used White correctional ink for allot of the (overpowering) whites and more Acrylic paints. Again Photo taken with my IPhone cause I'm to lazy to scan these images in pieces and reassemble them.
-3rd... Im not telling

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