Mar 30, 2010


What I have learned about health and fitness

Something I have always taken part in & something I have been doing more of. A friend posted a link to this on his blog. Its allot simpler than Magz, and TV make it seem. Doesn't mean its not work though.


Vince K. Smith said...

Good reading. It's nice to get some confirmation that I am indeed on the right path.


Odon said...

Nice Dan. I've been working out tons lately, trying to get into some kind of shape after years of slacking off. It gets tougher every year.
I went to a Scottish heritage festival with my brother last year and noticed every guy that was wearing a kilt (and therefore probably Scottish) had a big belly. I said to my brother "See?! It's because we're Scottish!".

Daniel Andrews said...

Hey guys sorry about the late response. My Blog settings are messed up. I don't get informed if someone posts a comment.
I got more stuff you'll be seeing soon.