Nov 11, 2009

Ducia's Vision

Ducia means Soul.

Thank you for looking.
Thank you and Rawls for the inspiration.


Odon said...

SHEEET! Nice stuff Dan! Best yet, rock on man!

I changed your link on my blog. Yeah I like Thor also, always a favorite. The project I may get to work on is a comic about Norse Mythology. They want 22 pages every 3 weeks though! So If you don't hear from me for 5 months it's because I'm drawing 15 hours a day. But should be fun.

Daniel Andrews said...

22 pages in 3 weeks. Thats a pretty hefty work load. Process process process with help you make those goals quicker.

Thanks for changing the link Don, I appreciate the continued support.

FS said...

Wow! Love the skull, the clothes, the pose... and the MAGIC looks amazing.

Caleb Hystad said...

That looks fantastic Dan. The hard work's paying off.