Nov 6, 2009

Call Me Snake.

Here is my Blog. This will run along side my new portfolio Website
One blog to see everything that I am up to Artistically & a hub for myself, with links to many artists who's artwork I enjoy.
Currently Im well on my way to doing a self published title called Seeds of Midgard. It's a project I created to commit myself to in order to teach myself how to paint. Prior to the 14 months ago I have been painting I had only ever Colored in flats under inked lines. Never Implying the methodologies of bounce & reflective lighting, cast shadows...I could go on.
I have been active on and currently on day 4 of a 6 day review week. by a Stellar Cast of Professional Artists. I bought the full 6 day package for a moderate price for what I'm finding the experience to be worth.
Monday 2 - El Coro and Sterling Hundley
Tuesday 3 - Jason Manley and Anita Kunz
Wednesday 4 - Jason Chan and George Pratt
Thursday 5 - Andrea Wicklund and Whit Brachna
Friday 6 - Jon Foster and Carl Dobsky
Saturday 7- Brett Briley and Jason Manley

I have never received such a feast of information about my, or art in general. They Stream the sessions over the site which allows us to ask via a chat window or speak to the artists if you had a mic. To add was the fact that we all as an online class could watch and listen to all the other critiques to everyone else who posted there work. There were several moments during the critiques where they might word a specific problem or solution in a manor that really brought light to what I was trying to understand in my own work. I hope they offer this kind of thing again, and I hope more artists take advantage to it.
Between the New website, the start of this Blog, The recent critiques and new light shed on my work I feel like a snake who rids itself of its skin in one continuous piece. The shedding is not without purpose. Snakes shed their skin to allow for growth, as well as to remove parasites along with their old skin.
Maybe I should change my name to Plissken?

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